About The Association

Al-Fares charitable association for human development and creativity is a Lebanese association licensed by the ministry of interior and municipalities (1611). It is concerned with the educational and awareness-raising issues in order to build a culturally conscious and productive generation. It supervises many educational institutions and pays attention to the Syrian and Palestinian refugees. It has a number of contributions among other associations to believe in the beginning of integration of the renaissance of society.

Projects we aspire to implement:

    • Helping the parents of our poor students through providing aging, education and orphans insurance,
    • The establishment of a home for orphans and displaced persons to secure a healthy and nurturing environment for the children of the region,
    • Provide financial support to enable our technical institute to offer vocational training courses that enable young people and the unemployed to acquire a career that helps them to secure their lives,
    • The completion of the educational loop by the establishment of Al-Fares international university. Especially since Akkar does not have any university licensed or any university to assume its responsibilities towards the community of Akkar, in terms of registration fees or to secure the appropriate competences or even the moral obligation within the campus.