A new vision and a strategic plan for Al-Fares educational institutions.

As part of the strategic plan to organize and develop the work of Al-Faris Educational Institutions to reach the international standards (ISO), Al-Faris Charitable Society for Human Development and Innovation started its journey towards achieving global performance in charitable and educational work with the expert in the development of institutions and the development of performance indicators Dr. Mohammad Yousef from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Which was hosted by the Al-Faris Society over five days of continuous and diligent work in all its institutions and administrative offices to develop the first phase, which is “the diagnostic stage to begin the planning phase to enable weak indicators and solid indicators.”

“This is the first step towards global performance, God willing, and in cooperation with Dr. Mohammed Yousef, we will be ready to provide all forms of technical support and cooperation with all educational, charitable and humanitarian organizations wishing to develop their performance.”

Al-Faris Center for Training, Creativity and Development * is organizing this project, which means training employees to improve and develop the performance of those who wish to develop their performance or improve the performance of their organization.