Know your health from your eyes

Eye examination often reveals many health problems, including serious illnesses. So how?

The eye is a screen monitor for changes that can be exposed to various areas of the body, 
where it can detect many health problems through eye examination.
 Here comes the importance of visiting the eye doctor periodically,
 and in case of suspicion of a particular disease, the patient is referred to the specialist doctor.

The eye with the gray circle around the cornea, for example, is often a sign of high cholesterol and triglycerides, says US ophthalmologist John C.
 Hagan in an interview with CBS News. American.

In this case, doctors know that "arcus senilis" should be subjected to blood test to verify the high blood lipids, especially those under the age of 60 years.

The Web site quoted experts as saying that the eye could also reveal Horner's syndrome.
 The eye appears in this case with dilated dorsal eyelids, and here it may be dangerous, as it may be a sign of the possibility of tumors in the neck,
 or aneurysm.
An examination of the retina can also reveal high blood pressure.
 High pressure causes a rupture of small blood vessels in the retina. In case of delayed treatment, the patient may have a stroke.

 Doctors believe that simple retinal bleeding may be a sign of type 2 diabetes, a symptom of diabetic retinopathy.
 Failure to treat the condition may lead to blindness, but management reduces this risk by half, according to the Reader's Digest site.

If diagnosed with diabetes, doctors are advised to change lifestyle and a healthy diet and lose weight, which can help prevent further damage.

Mitchell Monsoon, president of the American Optics Society, says that optic neuritis is one of the symptoms the eye detects and indicates another disease, MS.

Monsoon explains that the diagnosis of optic neuritis does not automatically mean that the patient has multiple sclerosis,
 it may be the result of infection or other causes.

Optic neuritis affects 75 percent of patients with MS, according to Reds Digest.

Source: Deutsche Welle